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Johann Matthias Martini

Programma Qvo Svo Et Totivs Collegii Nomine Sollemnia Inavgvralia Viri ... Domini Friderici Gottlieb Ivlii Bvrchard Rostochiensis, Qvi Pvblice Et Sine Praeside Die XVIII Septembris A. O. R. MDCCLXXXIX. ... Svam Defendit Dissertationem Inavgvralem De Effectv Ivrisivrandi Promissorii, Praecipve Renvntiationibvs Beneficiorvm Adiecti Indicit D. Io. Matth. Martini S. D. R. A Consiliis Ivstitiae, ...

Rostochii: Litteris Adlerianis , [1789]

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