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Carolin Griesheim

Der Einfluss von L-Carnitin auf die Fettoxidation und die gesundheitsbezogene Lebensqualität von leicht übergewichtigen Senioren

Universität Rostock, 2007

Abstract: This study was performed in two similar parts each lasting 14 days with different dosages of L-Carnitine. In the first part 26 elderly people participated and they took 1,5 g of L-Carnitine a day. In a second part 16 people of the originals ones took now 3 g of L-Carnitine. All data were derived from a 13-CO2 breath test and the questionnaire SF36v2, further they were compared to an identical study part applying a placebo only. We did not find a statistically different influence of L-Carnitine neither on the fat oxidation nor on the quality of life, in both dosages.

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