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Nasir Rasool

Synthesis of Pharmacologically Relevant Arenes by [3+3] Cyclizations And Phytochemical Investigation of pulicaria undulata

Universität Rostock, 2008

Abstract: Spirocyclic cyclopropanes were made by reaction of ketosulfone and ketonitrile dianions. This was futher transformed to fuctionalized Arenes in the presence of tetraalkyl ammonium halides.By cyclization of the dianions from Acetone and 3-Oxophosphates it was possible to obtain regioisomeric spirocyclopropanes which were futher reacted with tetraalkyl ammoniun halides to obtain fuctionalized Arenes. Contributions were also made in the area of the Diarylether Biaryles and 1-Azaxanthones synthesis. Futher more contributions wre made in the area of regioselective synthesis of the Thiophenes by Suzuki reactions of tetrabromothiophene. Natural products were isolated and characterized.

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