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Stefan Kacan

Untersuchungen zur Produktion von Cyanobacterin, einem Toxin aus dem Cyanobakterium Scytonema hofmanni Ag.(UTEX1581) : anwendungsbezogene und ökologische Aspekte

Universität Rostock, 2007

Abstract: The aim of the study was to investigate the biotechnical production of the cyanotoxin cyanobacterin by the cyanobacterium Scytonema hofmanni (UTEX 1581) under the influence of the following abiotic parameters: photon flux rate, pH, temperature, different nutrient concentrations nitrate and phosphate as well as of trace elements. Based on these data, the ecology of Scytonema hofmanni as part of a cyanobacterial community in the Everglades (Florida, USA) was concluded. A new rapid method was developed to quantify cyanobacterin in the biomass by photometric analysis of DMF-extracts within 24 h. Cyanobacterin exhibited allelochemical effects and its biosynthesis again is influenced by allelopathy. Cyanobacterin can be used as a natural herbizide and as a co-antifoulant.

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