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Sandra Hoedtke

Die Quantifizierung der Osmolalität in Futterpflanzen und ihre Veränderung in verschiedenen Stadien der Silierung

Universität Rostock, 2007

Abstract: Due to its selective inhibitory effect on microorganisms osmolality shows a decisive influence on the ensilability characteristics of plant material. As there is a high correlation between osmolality and dry matter content (DM), osmolality is mostly estimated by the DM and not determined directly, which can lead to false estimations. Besides the development of a method to measure osmolality in press juice of plants and silages the aim of the present study was to broaden the knowledge of the osmotic influence on green fodder and its silages, in order to examine the suitability of osmolality as an additional parameter to evaluate ensilability characteristics and silage quality.

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