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Heike Otero Martínez

Die Darstellung von D-Ribose- und D-Desoxyribose-Homo-Nucleosidanaloga als potentielle Marker für RNA- und DNA-Oligomere

Universität Rostock, 2008

Abstract: Nucleoside analogues are not only known because of their high antibacterial, antiviral, fungicide or cancer static potential but also by their ability to serve as marker in RNA- or DNA-oligomeres. Spacer-nucleoside analogues contain a methylen- or alkylidengroup between the monosaccharide and the heterocycle, and are from special interest because of their hydrolysis stability. Therefore, in the present work was developed a synthesis route for a allyl-β-C-ribofuranose-derivative and a allyl-β-C-deoxyribofuranose-derivative. This compounds led to different spacer-N- and spacer-C-nucleoside analogues.

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