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Cathleen Christine Buch

Katalytische Umsetzungen von Olefinen unter Hydroformylierungsbedingungen

Universität Rostock, 2008

Abstract: New achievements in hydroformylation and hydroaminomethylation! Rh(I)-monocarbene catalysts were introduced and their catalytically abilities shown on model 1,1-Diphenylethen/Piperidin. Futhermore, commercially available catalysts were investigated to expand the number of siutable substrates: arylethylenes could be hydroaminomethylated into branched amphetamines derivates under mild conditions and fatty olefines reacted with dimethylamine, succsessfully. At last, new ligands for the hydroformylation of internal olefines were developed and tested on different monoalkenes with good yields.

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