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Ulrich Poske

Zur Frage der AV-Delay Optimierung bei Schrittmacherträgern anhand mechanokardiographisch ermittelter systolischer Zeitintervalle

Universität Rostock, 2007

Abstract: The systolic time intervals left ventricular ejection time (ET) and electromechanical systole (QSII) were studied (synchronous recording of ECG, carotid pulse and phonocardiogram) in 18 high de-gree AV block patients with dual chamber pacemakers while the AV delay was varied serially in VDD and DDD mode. Maximums or plateaus of ET and QSII which develop if the AV delay is in-creased serially are not significantly correlated to the optimal AV delay (left atrial electrocardiogra-phy). Conclusion: ET and QSII are unsuitable for simple and widely used AV delay optimization.

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