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Katrin Komolka

Vergleichende Analyse der TSE-assoziierten Genexpression in ausgewählten Geweben von Tieren mit unterschiedlicher genetischer Prädisposition für die Ausprägung von Scrapie beim Schaf

Universität Rostock, 2008

Abstract: The present study identifies pathways differentially expressed between healthy, non-infected Texel sheep of PRNP variants representing scrapie susceptibility classes R1 and R5. Comparative expression profiling was carried out in the four tissues of prion infection route and the metabolic active liver. A global sheep transcriptom analyses were done by cross-species hybridization on "human 10k array". Gene expression pattern of retropharyngeal lymph nodes exhibit differentially expressed genes between non-infected, healthy R1 and R5 sheep. Scrapie-resistant animals (R1) showed increased number of genes within the biological processes of immune response and response to pathogens.

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