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Juliane Albrecht

In-Vivo-Testung ungesinterter, nanokristalliner Knochenaufbaumaterialien auf Hydroxylapatit-Basis bei der Reossifikation von Unterkieferdefekten kritischer Größe : Eine vergleichende tierexperimentelle Kurzzeitstudie am Miniaturschwein

Universität Rostock, 2008

Abstract: In the examination of the bone substitutes Ostim® (Heraeus-Kulzer,Hanau) and NanoBone® (Artoss,Rostock) in critical size defects set in the mandible Ostim® stimulates the ossification significantly more than NanoBone®. Ostim® showed many cavities in the newly formed bone-structure due to its very fast resorption-rate- only 0,2% of the material were left versus 7% in the NanoBone®-group. The degradation of the pasty Ostim® is too fast compared to the rebuild of bone. In contrast the granulated NanoBone® is more stabile and degraded within the natural bone-remodeling- process by osteoclasts.

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