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Angelika Preetz

Rhodium-Präkatalysatoren in der asymmetrischen Katalyse

Universität Rostock, 2008

Abstract: Investigations (NMR, X-ray) on rhodium/diphosphine complexes, which can be applied as pre-catalysts in homogeneous asymmetric catalysis, were accomplished. They were focussed on the so-called solvate complex of the type [Rh(PP)(solvent)2]anion with PP = chiral diphosphine; solvent = coordinating solvent such as MeOH, THF, acetone; anion = weakly coordinating anion. Synthesis, characterization and application in homogeneous catalyses (asymmetric hydrogenation and ring opening, reductive cyclization) as well as their reactivity towards additives have been investigated. By addition of basic or halide additives multinuclear complexes form, which were investigated in detail as well.

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