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Artur Klett

Verbesserung der Beweglichkeit von Kunstaugen bei der Behandlung des Postenukleationssyndroms durch eine bewegliche Hydroxylapatit–Silikonprothese : Korrelation zwischen der Prothesenmotilität und der gebildeten Bindehaut/Tenon-Gewebedicke mit Verkürzung des Fornix

Universität Rostock, 2007

Abstract: Porous hydroxyapatite of various origins has proven to be a suitable material for orbital volumen replacement. Its biocompatibilty suprasses all other options. The transmited motility to the artificial eye has nevertheless, not always been to the full satisfaction of patients, oculists and ophthalmologists. This dissertation has shown a strong correlation between the depth of the superior and inferior fornices as well as the thickness of tisssue material covering the implant anterior surface.

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