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Thomas Reske

Voltammetrische Detektierung der DNA-Hybridisierung von Oligonukleotiden und PCR-Produkten an Goldelektroden mit Osmiumtetroxid als kovalentem Marker

Universität Rostock, 2009

Abstract: A new invented method for labelling oligonucleotides with the electrochemical active complex [OsO4(bipy)] by means of a protection strand was adopted to long-chain nucleic acids and PCR(polymerase chain reaction)-products for the first time. Due to the fact, that this labelling reaction can only be performed at single-stranded nucleic acids, it was searched for different ways to create them. The detection of the labelled single-strands was carried out voltammetrically. Therefore the complementary probe strand, which was immobilized on a gold electrode had to hybridize with it. The investigation of different influences like temperature, reaction time and convection lead to an optimization of the labelling reaction and the hybridization event.

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