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Babette Freiheit

Stoffen, ihren Eigenschaften und Veränderungen auf der Spur : eine neue alltags- und schülerorientierte Konzeption zur Vermittlung physikalisch-chemischer Inhalte im Sachunterricht der Jahrgangsstufen 3 und 4

Universität Rostock, 2008

Abstract: This paper presents an integrated and tried and tested teaching module, derived from the Educational Standards which were introduced in 2003, to impart mainly physical and chemical subject matter within nature studies and the general and social sciences in Years 3 and 4. The teaching module consists of sequential teaching units whose development is based on the principles of the concept of “Chemistry for Life”. Particular attention was paid to the structuring of the subject as well as the learning needs and the previous knowledge of the pupils. The aim is to introduce primary school children at an early age to physical and chemical phenomena, in which it has been proven they are interested, and to create a basis of knowledge which can be extended and which the subsequent teaching of the natural sciences in secondary education can then take up.

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