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Annett Horn

Der Einsatz einer neuartigen Peroxidase aus dem Basidiomyceten Agrocybe aegerita am Beispiel der enantioselektiven Sulfoxidation

Universität Rostock, 2009

Abstract: In this dissertation the novel Agrocybe aegerita peroxidase (AaP) has been successfully characterized and established as an enantioselective biocatalyst in the synthesis of optically active alkyl aryl sulfoxides. The oxidation of the alkyl aryl sulfides yielding in high enantiomeric excess of the (R)-enantiomer (e.e. > 99 %). The application of organic solvent, the immobilization of the AaP and a better operational stability towards the peroxide demonstrates the great potential of this novel oxidative enzyme for the industrial biocatalysis.

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