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Friederike Kunz

Adhäsionsinhibition von primären humanen Linsenepithelzellen in vitro durch den T-Typ-Kalziumkanal-Antagonisten Mibefradil

Universität Rostock, 2008

Abstract: In vitro, the influence of mibefradil on adhesion, proliferation and survival of primary human lens epithelial cells (LEC) was investigated. Electrophysiological patch-clamp experiments in LEC could characterize voltage-gated potassium currents and T-type calcium currents which could be inhibited by mibefradil. The inhibitory action of Mibefradil on components of cell adhesion, actin cytoskeleton, proliferation and survival was time-dependent and concentration-dependent. As well in LEC as in the cell line HLE-B3 mibefradil induced apoptosis.

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