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Olumide Foluso Fatunsin

Synthesis of Aryl Chlorides, Aryl Phosphonates, Benzonitriles, Diaryl Sulfides, Biaryl Lactones and Pyrrolocoumarins by Cyclization of 1,3-Bis(silyloxy)-1,3- butadienes with Functionalized 3-Alkoxy-2-en-1-ones and Coumarins

Universität Rostock, 2010

Abstract: Regioselective cyclocondensation reactions of 1,3-bis(silyl enol ethers) with different electrophiles provide a convenient approach for the synthesis of 5-chlorosalicylates, arylphosphonates, 5-cyanosalicylates, 5-arylthio- and 5-benzylthio-6-phenylsalicylates, benzo[c]chromen-6-ones and chromeno[3,4-b]pyrrol-4(3H)-ones.

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