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Mattes Lüth

Einfluss verschiedener Beatmungsregime (alpha-stat versus pH-stat) unter kontrollierter Hypothermie auf die Perfusion und Oxygenierung des Dünndarms am akut instrumentierten Schweinemodell

Universität Rostock, 2009

Abstract: Controlled hypothermia is used with international recommendations. Hypothermia can cause an intestinal hypoperfusion and can concomitant sepsis. The effects of hypothermia on the intestine could be positively influenced by different ventilation regimes. The aim was to investigate the influence of controlled hypothermia on perfusion and oxygenation on the small intestine under two different ventilation regimes on acutely instrumented pig model. Controlled hypothermia leads to regional hypoxia of the intestinal mucosa. The hypoxia can not be positively influenced by any of the two ventilation methods.

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