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Jana Große

Charakterisierung der floralen (E)-β-Ocimenproduktion in Mirabilis jalapa L.

Universität Rostock, 2010

Abstract: Mirabilis jalapa displays a strongly regulated flower opening process and emission of the floral volatile (E)-β-ocimene, which is produced by the (E)-β-ocimene synthase ((E)-β-OS). This enzyme could be characterized in flowers of Mirabilis jalapa. It is a single-product monoterpene synthase monomer of approximately 80 kDa with a high temperature tolerance. The in vivo activity of the (E)-β-OS correlates with the emission of (E)-β-ocimene and the content of the volatile in the emitting tissue. Histological analyses showed no developmentally regulated accumulation of monoterpene in the emitting tissue. This indicates a process of simultaneous synthesis and emission of (E)-β-ocimene.

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