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Thai Hung Nguyen

New Palladium(0)-Catalyzed Reactions of 2,3-Dibromobenzofuran, 2,3,5-Tribromobenzofuran, and 2,3-Dibromoindenone

Universität Rostock, 2010

Abstract: Functionalized dibenzofurans were prepared based on domino twofold Heck / 6-electrocyclization reactions of 2,3-di- and 2,3,5-tribromobenzofuran. The Suzuki–Miyaura reaction of 2,3-dibromobenzofuran with one equivalent of arylboronic acids resulted in site-selective. 2,3-Diarylbenzofurans containing two different aryl groups were prepared from in a one-pot protocol. The Suzuki-Miyaura reaction of 2,3-dibromo-1H-inden-1-one with one equivalent of arylboronic acid gave 2-bromo-3-aryl-1H-inden-1-ones with very good site-selectivity. The one-pot reaction also afforded 2,3-diaryl-1H-inden-1-ones containing two different terminal aryl groups.

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