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Marcus Ebert

Isospin analysis and study of the decay modes anti-B0 -->Lambda_c+ antiproton pi0 and anti-B0 -->Lambda_c+ antiproton eta

Universität Rostock, 2011

Abstract: Analyses of anti-B0 -->Lambda_c+ antiproton pi0 and anti-B0 -->Lambda_c antiproton eta are presented. Anti-B0 -->Lambda_c+ antiproton pi0 is observed for the first time, the branching fraction calculated and an enhancement at threshold of the invariant mass of the baryon-antibaryon pair is observed. Evidence for the decay anti-B0 -->Lambda_c+ antiproton eta was found, too. Both modes are compared with the decay B- -->Lambda_c+ antiproton pi- using isospin relations. It's found that the weak decay prefers one isospin of the final state and predictions for other decay modes are given.

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