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Conrad Theil

Untersuchungen zum Einfluss eines Linum usitatissimum-Wurzelextrakts auf zwei verschiedene Mammakarzinom-Zelllinien im Vergleich mit Genistein, Genistin, Daidzein, Daidzin, Secoisolariciresinol, Tamoxifen und 17 Beta-Estradiol

Universität Rostock, 2010

Abstract: In this work an ethanolic extract of flaxroots was shown to cause anticancerogenic effects on two different mammacarcinoma cell types in vitro. Furthermore different phytoestrogens, such as Genistein and Secoisolariciresinol, caused similar but weaker effects. The extract acts supposably as a plantal multicomponent mixture, whereas the phytoestrogens don`t play a leading role in its impact.

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