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Shaolin Zhou

Development of New Homogeneous (Enantioselective) : Hydrogenation Catalysts Based on Bio‐relevant Metals

Universität Rostock, 2011

Abstract: This thesis presents the study and development of new catalysts based on first row transition metals for the (asymmetric) reduction of different C=O and C=N bonds. An iron cluster catalyst with a chiral tetradentate P2N2 ligand was discovered to catalyze the asymmetric transfer hydrogenation of N-diphenylphosphinylketimines. Subsequently the combination of a chiral Brønsted acid with a well-defined Shvo type iron complex creates an active catalyst which could hydrogenate a variety of N-aryl ketimines to amines using molecular hydrogen. Finally, an iron cluster catalyst was discovered to catalyze the reduction of amides with inexpensive PMHS.

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