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Neetika Madaan

Gas Phase Acetoxylation of Methyl Aromatics to their Corresponding Esters over PdSb/TiO2 Catalysts : Activation, Steady-State Operation, Deactivation and Regeneration

Universität Rostock, 2011

Abstract: Acetoxylation of toluene (Tol) to Benzyl acetate (BA) takes place in the presence of acetic acid and O2. Pd based catalysts are known to be active for this system. In this study, Pd-Sb/TiO2 catalyst pre-treated in helium showed 54 % of toluene conversion and 89 % of BA selectivity with stability of 25 hours. The deactivated catalysts were effectively regenerated at 300 °C/2h/air. Additionally pressure showed strong influence on the performance. Acetoxylation with other substituted toluenes with varying electron withdrawing and donating group were also successfully performed.

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