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Christina Kohrt

Mehrkernige Hydrid-Komplexe des Rhodiums mit Bisphosphan-Liganden : Charakterisierung, Bildung und Anwendung

Universität Rostock, 2013

Abstract: This work describes the synthesis of novel rhodium hydride species. Especially the trinuclear 7-hydride-complexes of the type {[Rh(PP*)H]3(µ2-H)3(µ3-H)}(BF4)2 with the bisphosphine ligands Tangphos, t-Bu-BisP* and Me-BPE which contain bridging µ2- und µ3-hydrides as well as terminal hydrides are characterized for the first time by IR-/Raman spectroscopy. Moreover, their formation and role under the conditions of asymmetric hydrogenation have been investigated. The trinuclear 7-hydride complexes are suitable catalysts for the selective hydrogenation of diphenylacetylene and derivates.

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