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Doreen Staar

Einfluss von 17β-Estradiol und Genistein auf kultivierte vaskuläre glatte Muskel- und Endothelzellen und Charakterisierung von Gewebereaktionen auf 17β-Estradiol- und Genistein-Eluting Stents in porcinen, kultivierten Carotisabschnitten

Universität Rostock, 2013

Abstract: The percutaneous coronary intervention with implantation of a stent is the preferred method for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The aim is the further development of drug-eluting stents that significantly reduce the rate of restenosis. In this work 17β-estradiol and genistein were examined for the effect on vascular cells and cultured blood vessels. At the cellular and tissue level 17β-estradiol provides no cardio protective properties. The local release of genistein can improve the vascular healing response. It represents an option in the development of new drug-eluting stents.

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