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Jaya Shanmuga Prakash Jegannathan

Improved synthesis of 2,3-diacetamidouronates which are present in bacterial envelope

Universität Rostock, 2014

Abstract: Diacetamidodideoxyuronic acids are components of lipopolysaccarides present in bacterial cell wall. There are very few publications reporting the preparation of this class of sugars. Hence, we present the synthesis of gluco-, galacto- and manno- configured sugars of 2,3-diacetamido-2,3-dideoxy-D-uronates. These monosaccharaides can be employed as glycosyl donors and acceptors in glycosylation reactions to produce larger glycosylates which can serve as components of antibiotics. Currently, the target molecules were synthesized in high yields with good reproducibility and scalability.

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