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Annett Gefrom

Die Silierung von Körnern der großsamigen Leguminosen als Verfahren der Konservierung und der Verbesserung ihres ernährungsphysiologischen Wertes für Monogastrier

Universität Rostock, 2015

Abstract: Beans, peas and lupine grains are valuable feedstuffs providing remarkable amounts of protein. Lactic acid fermentation of moist legume seeds provides different benefits like stabile conservation and degrade the content of anti-nutritional factors. Due to the fermentation quality of legumegrain silages demonstrates the lactic acid fermentation as an adequate conservation procedure. A relevant reduction of the content of phytate-phosphorus and alkaloids were unverifiable. The contents of oligosaccharides (raffinose, stachyose, verbascose) as well as tannin- and phenol chains were reduced.

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