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Mathias Arbeiter

Mikroskopische Beschreibung der ultraschnellen Anregungs- und Relaxationsdynamik von Edelgasclustern in intensiven VUV-, XUV- und Röntgenlaserpulsen

Universität Rostock, 2015

Abstract: Ultrashort intense X-ray laser pulses enable the structural analysis of individual nanoparticles via single-shot diffractive imaging. They also lead to the generation of a dense plasma of hot electrons and highly charged ions. A fundamental understanding of the laser-matter interaction is indispensable to retrace these effects in the reconstruction process. By employing semi-classical molecular dynamics to atomic clusters, the impact of the nanoplasma evolution on the electron emission, the cluster expansion, and the electron-ion-recombination is investigated and compared to experimental data.

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