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Andreas Gottwald

Synthese neuer Glycosyldonatoren direkt ausgehend von D-Galacturonsäure und deren Anwendung zur Darstellung biologisch relevanter Oligosaccharide

Universität Rostock, 2015

Abstract: Pectin is an essential component in primary cell walls. The structure is diverse and characterized by D-galacturonic acid and L-rhamnose. Pectin have a wide range of biological and physiological properties. To investigate their structures defined Oligosaccharides in suitable sample size is needed. Starting with D-galacturonic acid, a set of glycosyl donors like Imidates, Triesterphosphates and Thioglycosides were synthesized. Analog work was done with L-rhamnose. Using glycosylation reaction homo-, rhamnogalcaturonate- and higher fragments were synthesized.

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