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Iryna Savych

3-Substituted chromones as convenient building blocks for the design and synthesis of functionalized 2-hydroxybenzophenones, 6H-benzo[c]chromenes, benzo[c]coumarins, fused pyridine derivatives, 2-salicyloylfurans and 2-benzoyl-8H-thieno[2,3-b]indoles

Universität Rostock, 2016

Abstract: The present thesis is dedicated to the study of synthetic potential of 3-substituted chromones, namely 3-acyl- and 3-halochromones, illustrated by regioselective cyclocondensation reactions with different binucleophiles and describes the design and synthesis of novel biologically relevant carbo- and heterocycles. Various fluorine-containing products were synthesized using 3-perfluoroacylchromones. In addition, new promising candidates for UV-A/B filters and fluorescent compounds have been synthesized and analyzed.

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