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Marina Polei

(I) Expressionsstudien von differenzierungsassoziierten Transkripten in sortierten Rindertrophoblastzellen und (II) vergleichende Analysen zur gewebe- und speziesspezifischen Nutzung des CYP19A1 Promotors P1.5/2 von Rind und Schaf

Universität Rostock, 2017

Abstract: In this work, a methodical protocol for sorting uninucleated trophoblast cells (UTC) and trophoblast giant cells (TGC) originating from the bovine placenta, was established. Based on the gene expression profiles of UTC and TGC, different expressed genes and associated biological functions could be identified. Additionally, the so far controversially discussed localization of the estrogen specific sulfotransferase 1E1 was resolved. The specific usage of the CYP19A1 promotor P1.5/2 of cattle and sheep could not be attributed to cis-elements or a different positioning of nucleosomes.

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