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Kai Helmdach

Redoxaktive Chelat-Liganden auf Basis von Wolfram Alkinkomplexen mit α-Phosphanylalkinen

Universität Rostock, 2017

Abstract: The synthesis of functional chelating ligands based on trispyrazolylborate tungsten complexes bearing side-on donor-substituted alkynes of the type η2-C2(D)2 (D = PR2, N(H)R, S−) is reported. Late stage functionalization of the alkyne ligand with P-donors was achieved by a stepwise electrophilic substitution strategy applied on an acetylene complex template. The obtained diphosphines are characterized by a large steric demand and a metal-based oxidation process of excellent reversibility. The synthesis and isolation of polynuclear complexes renders the [W]{C2(PR2)2} moiety a high flexibility.

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