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Miriam Heß

A study of B̄0 → D0 pp̄ decays with the LHCb experiment

Universität Rostock, 2018

Abstract: This thesis presents the study of B0bar → D0ppbar decays with Run I data of the LHCb experiment. First, the branching fraction of B0bar → D0ppnar decays with D0 → K−π+ relative to B0bar → D0π+π− decays is measured. The result deviates less than 2σ from BaBar’s measurement. As a second step, the Dalitz plane of the B0bar → D0ppbar decay was analysed. An enhancement at the baryon-antibaryon mass threshold was found, and an asymmetric behaviour in the angular distribution of the ppbar system at rest was observed. Furthermore, structures in the D0p invariant mass distribution can be observed.

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