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Daniel Holger Weiß

Perfluorierte Ionische Flüssigkeiten und hexanukleare Niobcluster

Universität Rostock, 2018

Abstract: In this work new cluster compounds of the metal niobium with hexanuclear metal units were investigated. Both neutral cluster compounds of the general formula [Nb6Cli12Cla2 (L) a4}] with L = DCU, Py, HMIm, IBA, and a first representative of a new Nb6 cluster compound type with intramolecular chelating ligands of the formula [Nb6 (OCH2CH2NH2) i-a6 (OCH2CH2NH2) i6] 3+ 3 [I] -. Furthermore, compounds with the formula [A] 4 [Nb6Cli12 (L) a6] with A = TMG, TPA, Py, HMIm and L = TFA, PFP and HFB were synthesized. These compounds have been fully chemically characterized.

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