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Marlene Meindl

Erfassung von Early Literacy Kompetenzen im Altersbereich 3;0 - 5;11 Jahre : Konstruktion, Normierung und Validierung des Verfahrens EuLe 3-5

Universität Rostock, 2017

Abstract: Problems in literacy acquisition are not rooted in elementary school instruction but often in lacking literacy experiences in the family of origin or day care facilities for children. Knowledge of print and narrative skills are well documented predictors of later literacy acquisition in school besides phonological awareness. Reliable and valid diagnostic instruments for the assessment of early literacy skills are lacking in Germany. This dissertation presents the conception of an assessment called EuLe 3-5 (Erzähl- und Lesekompetenzen erfassen bei 3- bis 5-jährigen Kindern) to fill this gap.

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