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Anika Flader

Synthese polykondensierter, Pyridin-Heterozyklen durch Säure-vermittelte Zykloisomerisierung

Universität Rostock, 2018

Abstract: The present thesis addresses the synthesis of polycondensed, aromatic N,(S)-heterocycles via LEWIS and BRØNSTED acid mediated cycloisomerization reactions. Funktionalized pyrrolonaphthyridines, benzo and thienoquinolines were synthesized through simple building blocks as well as symmetric dithieno and diebenzoacridines. Furthermore the regioisomers of quinoline and acridine derivatives have been studied intensively. Absorption and emission spectra of selected acridines were examined to determine their photophysical properties next to electrochemical properties by cyclovoltammetric measurments.

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