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Margit Schwartz

Effect of cannabidiol on disease-associated functions of human vascular smooth muscle cells : role of the anti-oxidative enzyme heme oxygenase-1

Universität Rostock, 2018


Abstract: Excessive proliferation and migration of VSMC are closely linked to cardiovascular diseases and cancer. The enzyme HO-1 was shown to be involved in anti-proliferative/anti-migratory effects in VSMC. This thesis investigates the effect of CBD on VSMC and HO-1. HO-1 was significantly increased by CBD in an ROS-depentent manner. In addition, inhibition of proliferation and migration of VSMC were observed and not attenuated by inhibition/knockdown of HO-1. This work provides evidence of a CBD-mediated induction of HO-1 in VSMC and potential protective effects via an HO-1-independent mechanism.

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