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Kevin Bläsing

Stabilisierung klassischer, wasserfreier Brönsted-Säuren mittels Lewis-Säuren

Universität Rostock, 2019

Abstract: In the attempt to stabilize classical anhydrous Brønsted acids and their silylated homologues using various Lewis acids, a number of new compounds have been established. By using the strong and sterically demanding Lewis acid B(C6F5)3 a highly labile dimer of hydrogen cyanide HCN···HCN−B(C6F5)3 could be obtained from liquid HCN and with HN3 the first HN3-Lewis-Acid-adduct could be isolate. Nevertheless, the use of the "heavy proton" (Me3Si) was successful and new adducts could be isolated and fully characterized. The experimental investigations were confirmed by quantum chemical calculations.

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