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Tom Brunzel

Selektive Wacker-Oxidation von 1,9-Cyclohexadecadien zu 8-Cyclohexadecenon und Funktionalisierungsreaktionen anderer duftstoffrelevanter Substrate

Universität Rostock, 2020

Abstract: In the present work, direct oxidation of 1,9-CHDD to 8-CHD was performed in a single reaction step. Using a modified Wacker-type oxidation reaction, the target product 8-CHD was selectively synthesized under mild reaction conditions. The initially anaerobic oxidation system was furthermore successfully coupled with oxygen as the final oxidant under the aspects of "green chemistry". Mechanistic investigations revealed that the catalyst was presumably inhibited by one of the diene isomers and presented a major drawback for this Wacker-type oxidation.

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