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Sven Adomeit

Structure-reactivity relationships in Cu/TEMPO catalyzed aerobic alcohol oxidation : mechanistic assessment by (coupled) operando spectroscopic tools

Universität Rostock, 2019

Abstract: Aerobic alcohol oxidation is a route to convert alcohols into aldehydes using homogenous Cu catalysts with O2 as the terminal oxidant. It is well-known that the Cu catalyst forms a Cu(I/II) shuttle during the reaction. To investigate still open issues coupled operando EPR/UV-vis/ATR-IR was used in a first step. Through this combination it was possible to observe distinctive effects of the structure and molar ratios of ligands/additives upon the redox behavior of the Cu(I/II) shuttle. The triple coupling was further developed into a 4-in-1 set-up by implementing X-ray absorption spectroscopy.

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