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Stephan Ludwig

Einfluss der Rückgrat-Liganden auf das Verhalten α-P,P und α-P,S-substituierter Wolfram-Alkinkomplexe

Universität Rostock, 2020

Abstract: In complexes of the type [(Tp*)W(CO)(X)(Ph2PC2PPh2)] and [(Tp')W(CO)(X)(Ph2PC2SBn)] various ligands were used as X and the resulting compounds were characterized with respect to the influence of X. In this way, a redox window for the WII/WIII transition of 0.83 V could be opened at the diphosphane complexes, whereby other properties of the compounds show clear correlations with the electron richness of the metal. The complexes with P,S-ligands exist as diastereomer pairs, which show a regioselective redox behavior.

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