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Christian Dahlke

Die Rostocker Moulagensammlung : wissenschaftliche Erfassung, historische Kontextualisierung und Diskussion der Moulagen sowie der historischen Lehrmittelbestände der Dermatologischen Sammlung der Universitäts-Hautklinik Rostock

Universität Rostock, 2019

Abstract: In the research field of the material history of medicine (according to Thomas Schnalke) the author develops an object -and collection-hermeneutic method (Objektinformationsanalyse), with which the (collection-)object is made usable as a historical source and epistemic thing for the writing of medical history. The Rostock moulage collection (Rostocker Moulagensammlung) is not only material for the approach described, but with its medical historical takeover it overwhelms it with historical contexts that make our current medical thinking, talking and acting neither unique nor special.

doctoral thesis   free access