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Quang Tien Tran

Rückwärts leitfähiger IGBT mit nahezu von der Gate-Emitter-Spannung unabhängiger Diodencharakteristik

Universität Rostock, 2020

Abstract: In this dissertation, a novel Trench RC-IGBT concept, called RC-GID-IGBT, is proposed. This new RC-IGBT structure allows operation with a conventional IGBT gate drive and has reverse recovery charge in diode operating mode as low as a state-of-the-art freewheeling diodes. This is achieved by introducing dedicated areas for the diode operation as well as an auxiliary schottky emitter into the IGBT chip without generating negative electrical effects on the IGBT mode. As a result, the novel RC-GID-IGBT can take full advantage of the thermal benefit.

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