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Harald Viemann

Study of beauty baryons decaying to D0pK and the amplitudes of Λb0→D0pK in the Dalitz plane with the LHCb experiment

Universität Rostock, 2020

Abstract: The study of the decays Λb0 / Ξb0→D0pK is presented using data of the LHCb experiment. Both decays can be used to measure charge parity (CP) violation. The measured CP asymmetries are in agreement with zero. The decays branching fractions are determined to B(Λb0→D0pK) = (4.61 ± 0.17stat ± 0.08syst ± 0.52ext) × 10-5 and fΞ⋅B(Ξb0→D0pK) = (2.18 ± 0.08stat ± 0.05syst ± 0.39ext) × 10-6, being one and a half times precise than the current best measurements. An amplitude analysis of the Λb0→D0pK phase space with D0→K-π+ yields a large fraction of a Λc+(2950) resonance and multiple Λ* resonances.

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