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Alexander Hawlitschka

Die intrazerebrale Applikation von Botulinum Neurotoxin-A als experimentelle antiparkinsonoide Therapie in verschiedenen Murinae

Universität Rostock, 2020

Abstract: The potential therapeutic use of intracerebral botulinum neurotoxin-A (BoNT-A) injections in a mouse and rat model was comparatively investigated. BoNT-A locally suppresses the release of acetylcholine without systemic side effects. In a rat model of Parkinson's disease, dopamine deficiency in the caudate-putamen complex (striatum) results in striatal hypercholinism. Motor deficits are alleviated by injection of BoNT-A into the striatum. Species differences in the effects of intrastriatally applied BoNT-A on rat and mouse were detected.

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