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Anatol Leinweber

Die Hydrierreaktion von Monobenzyltoluol Isomeren : experimentelle Untersuchung und kinetische Modellierung des Reaktionssystems sowie Raman-Kalibrierung mit multivariaten Methoden

Universität Rostock, 2021

Abstract: In this work, the isomeric LOHC system monobenzyltoluene was analysed. For this purpose, the isomer mixture was first separated by distillation and then the distillates were observed in hydrogenation experiments. Possible reaction products, reaction networks as well as kinetic influencing factors were identified. Furthermore, the reaction mixture was measured in situ by Raman spectrometry. The Raman system was calibrated using multivariate methods (PCA,PLSR, MCR) . Finally, the hydrogenation reaction of monobenzyltoluene was reproduced using a kinetics model.

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