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Thomas Kirste

Anonymous activity recognition in an office environment (office tasks dataset) : [research data]

University of Rostock, 2012


Abstract: This datasets contains measurements of pressure mats generated by users performing tasks in a faked office environment. Annotation describe the real activities performed by the users. One, two or three persons enter an office room and two tasks to perform: get some coffee, and print a paper. The coffee machine requires water and ground coffee, paper is required for printing. These resources may already be at the coffee machine or the printer, or must be obtained. There are six different distinct places: door, printer, coffee machine, paper stack, water tap, coffee jar. Additionally, the printer may be jammed and needs to be repaired prior to printing. The dataset contains measurements of pressure mats at the six locations as well as annotations of the real action sequence. Four recordings have been performed with a single user, one recording for two users and one recording for three users.

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