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Frank Krüger     Albert Hein     Kristina Yordanova     Thomas Kirste

Recognising user actions during cooking task (Cooking task dataset) : IMU Data : [research data]

University of Rostock, 2011

Abstract: The dataset contains the data of acceleration sensors attached to a person during the execution of a kitchen task. It consists of 7 datasets that describe the execution of preparing and having a meal: preparing the ingredients, cooking, serving the meal, having a meal, cleaning the table, and washing the dishes. Each of these datasets consists of the raw acceleration and angular rates that were recorded with motion capturing system based on wearable inertial measurement units (IMUs).The aim of the experiment is to investigate the ability of activity recognition approaches to recognise fine-grained user activities based on acceleration data. The results from the dataset can be found in the PlosOne paper "Computational State Space Models for Activity and Intention Recognition. A Feasibility Study" by Krüger et al.

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