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Kristina Koebe

Den Wolken ein Stück näher : eine Positionierung der Pädagogischen Lesungen innerhalb der öffentlichen und unterrichtlichen Rezeption des DDR-Jugendbuches von Günter Görlich

Universität Rostock, Arbeitsstelle Pädagogische Lesungen, 1.4.2020

Abstract: Günter Görlich's novel De n Wolken ein Stück näher / A little closer to the clouds was widely received in the GDR, not only among adolescents. In addition, it was one of the few contemporary novels for young people that found their way into the country's educational canon, even if only a decade and a half after initial publication. The contribution presented here takes advantage of this coexistence of a broad public (comparatively less guided) reception and the discussion of the novel in literature school lessons. It aims at positioning the reception of the novel in the Pedagogical Readings in relation to the overall reception and to the various teaching guidelines and recommendations for the novel. Publisher's reports and press reviews as documentation of non-school perception, articles in the journal Deutschunterricht [German language and literature lessons] as well as the guidance provided on the topic in the teaching aid for literature lessons and the pedagogical readings themselves are considered here. In summary, the investigation on the consulted sources draws a chronology of reception in which the pedagogical readings are the last to have their say. The comparison of the different reception paths shows that when doing so, they did not develop alternatives to existing teaching guidelines. Instead, the Pedagogical Readings modified the guidance provided by the teaching aid to the extent that they modified the applied methods and media. To this extent, the format is in fact able to present innovative teaching practice that has not been dealt with elsewhere.

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